Chiffon Fabric Bolts

Chiffon Fabric Bolts

Width measurements are approximate - they can vary a bit from shipment to shipment. Some fabrics have a woven selvedge and some unwoven. Bolt lengths are approximate! Bolts are often a little over or under; we will actually charge you only for what is actually on the bolt! Fabric shrinks. None of our fabrics are considered pre-shrunk. On each type, we have done tests with a…

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Georgette Chiffon Fabric

Georgette Chiffon Fabric

Electric Eel is a striking blue dress for girls with a polka-dotted border all around the shirt. The shirt is purely made of Georgette Chiffon fabric with a front open style dress for girls. The shorter front and longer back shirts have given a new fad to Pakistani dresses. It is a stylish dress to be worn over a black tank top paired with black tights or leggings. The lucidity…

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