Textile design books

Textile design books

Advanced Textiles for Health and Wellbeing From the Publisher. From medical implants to spacesuits, advanced textiles have the potential to transform human habitats and transportation, protect the environment and support personal health and wellbeing. The world’s most creative designers and engineers are working together to develop high-performance fabrics that are sustainable…

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Fabric Printing designs

Fabric Printing designs

At, we are always excited when we have new fabrics to offer our customers. We are continually testing new fabrics and we are happy to announce that we have added Silky Wool and Cotton Silky Voile to your choices for custom fabric printing. Cotton Silky Voile is similar in some ways to our Cotton Voile but, as a result of it’s tighter weave, this new fabric…

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Wallpaper Designer online

Wallpaper Designer online

/home/fardis/public_html/images/banners/Homepage/99 /home/fardis/public_html/images/banners/Homepage/674 /home/fardis/public_html/images/banners/Homepage/681 /home/fardis/public_html/images/banners/Homepage/5 /home/fardis/public_html/images/banners/Homepage/200 /home/fardis/public_html/images/banners/Homepage/199 Fardis: a distinctive brand name of the highest quality wallpapers…

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Website design wallpaper

Website design wallpaper

Our Magazine Street showroom features a large selection of wallpaper, fabric, furniture, drapery and upholstery. We carry top global brands such as Cole & Son, Flavor Paper, Kravet, Schumacher, Jonathan Adler, John Robshaw and also artist produced wallpapers and fabrics such as Katherine Rally, Rebbecca Atwood and Aronel and local designer Amanda Talley to name a few…

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Textile design Companies

Textile design Companies

Getting Started as a Textile Designer Have you ever wondered who comes up with sweater patterns, your bedsheets print, or maybe why there are 100s of different types of curtains out there? Well, the person who takes care of making the different patterns, colors, prints, etc. is a textile designer. They are responsible for creating the various designs for apparel, bedding, and…

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