1ST cotton Mill in India

1ST cotton Mill in India

Smriti Irani, the recently appointed textiles minister, on Monday, August 1, started the #IWearHandloom campaign on Twitter and Facebook, in a bid to promote the Indian textile tradition. The campaign also strives to support 43 lakh weavers and their families. It will culminate on the National Handloom Day, which is August 7. In India, textiles have evolved over a period of…

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What is cotton made into?

What is cotton made into?

How Cotton is Spun and Woven At the textile mill, the bales are opened by machines, and the lint is mixed and cleaned further by blowing and beating. The short lint that comes out usually is separated and sold for use in other industries. The best part of the lint consists of fibers about 1 inch to 1 ¾ inches long. The mixed and fluffed-up cotton goes into a carding machine…

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Construction of cotton

Construction of cotton

Cotton is a full-service general contractor specializing in property loss and capable of handling a range of projects, from the most simple repair or renovation to the most complex, multi-phase rebuild. Having background in the disaster restoration industry allows Cotton s Construction Division to be innovative in finding the best solutions at the most reasonable cost to meet…

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Cotton textile factory

Cotton textile factory

The rise of the textile industry in Georgia was a significant historical development with a profound effect on the state s inhabitants. The narratives surrounding textiles, particularly the cultivation and processing of cotton, form a distinctive industrial heritage that begins with the founding of the Georgia colony in 1732, before cotton dominated the state s agricultural…

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End use of cotton

End use of cotton

There are so, so many. Cotton is an incredibly versatile and popular fiber. The most common end-uses are: Knitted into jersey that is used for cut-and-sew knits. This production category can include may things, usually a pretty casual garment (but not always), and VERY popular: Tee Shirts Tank tops/Singlets/Undershirts Polo Shirts Leggings/Bike Shorts Skirts/Skorts Dresses…

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